Data Science

Data Science and Advanced Quantitative Modeling are at the heart of our offering as a boutique consulting firm. Our scientists hold advanced degrees in highly quantitative and diverse fields - Mathematics, Engineering, Operations Research, Finance etc. - from some of the best schools in the world. Combining this expertise with a deep understanding of the business problem, we are able to translate business requirements into an analytical framework.

We are experts in a variety of econometric, machine learning, and operations research techniques. We have used these for both predictive modeling and behavioral modeling. We have devised solutions for a wide array of pricing, forecasting, text mining, and optimization problems for our clients. We use both open source and legacy tools.

Mainstream tools include R, SAS, SPSS, Python, and SQL, while specialized models need niche tools like BUGS, GAUSS, CART, MATLAB, CPLEX, and GAMS. For data visualization, we have used Tableau, Spotfire, and custom Excel visualizations.

Our scientists are experienced researchers and patent holders - they have published in leading journals and presented at renowned conferences.