Retail and CPG

Almost all major retailers today use analytics to guide strategic and tactical decision making throughout their operations. Retailers can leverage analytics for a variety of uses ranging from forecasting and pricing to marketing.

Demand Forecasting

Forecasts for different products sold at different stores over time can be used to stock the right products. They can be used to order and manufacture the right item quantities, and guide costs. Read our case study and blogs on how our Demand Forecasting solution improved forecast accuracy and highlighted both inventory problems and opportunities at a major home furnishing retailer.

Store Clustering

Store clustering involves grouping stores based on certain common characteristics. A data-driven, performance-optimized store clustering framework can help maximize operational returns, reduce overall supply chain and inventory costs, and help management better implement localization programs.

Price Optimization

Price optimization enables companies to determine the right price in order to maximize revenue and margin, while also taking into account planning of discounts and offers. Read our case study and blogs on how our Price Optimization solution helped a major home furnishing retailer.

Shelf Space Allocation

Accurate allocation of products means customers can find what they are looking for . Our solutions ensure appropriate coverage and space allocation for high-demand items while weeding out the low-demand items. Space is allocated to optimize profit and can be customized at the store level while simultaneously accounting for seasonal changes.

Promotion Planning and Analysis

Promotion Planning involves setting the broad objective for the promotion. Typically these objectives are one or more of the following: increasing product or brand awareness, increasing demand, and product differentiation. The analysis of promotion planning involves taking data-driven decisions to solve for localization of promotions, manage financials and forecasts for demand and inventory.