Retail and CPG

Almost all major retailers today use analytics to guide strategic and tactical decision making throughout their operations. Retailers can leverage analytics for a variety of uses ranging from forecasting and pricing to marketing. Some of our solutions include Demand Forecasting, Store Clustering, Price Optimization, Shelf Space Allocation, Promotion Planning and Analysis etc.


Marketing Science

Today, brand managers and marketers can use sophisticated analytic methods to help them better understand the customer, quantify various market effects, and prioritize and optimize their efforts. Our Marketing Analytics solution covers many applications of data analytics in this area viz. Customer Segmentation, Churn Modeling, Market Mix Modeling, Customer Database Scoring & Classification, Survey Data Analytics etc.


Social Media

Online and social media is providing marketers with unprecedented opportunities to reach the right customer with the right product at the right time with the right offer.  We help our clients navigate this ever-evolving digital media landscape with smart models and data-driven insights to maximize ROI on media spend.  Our consulting analytics solution include – Trigger Based Marketing, Real-time Social Media Intelligence, Bid/Budget Optimization, Campaign Analytics etc. 



Today, many progressive transportation companies are starting to rely on predictive analytics to address non-traditional problems in their businesses. Our solutions provide companies with powerful forecasting tools to help overcome these problems. Some examples are – Component Failure Forecasting, Faulty Sensor Identification, Cost Forecasting, Repair Billing Inconsistency etc.


Other Disciplines

We also provide consulting solutions in several other disciplines including Health Care, BFSI and Telecom. Our solutions cover Fraud Identification,  Patient Clustering, Re-admission Risk Forecasting, Churn Modeling, Cross –sell / Up-sell Models, Probability of Default and Loss Given Default etc.