The Deadliest Jobs in America


Who do you think has the most dangerous job in America -- Miners, Fire-fighters, Soldiers, Fishermen, or Truck Drivers? What do the numbers tell us?

The letter-scare yesterday at the White House made us question the riskiness of different occupations in America. A quick vote at Tiger Analytics office pointed to mining, firefighting, and military as particularly risky occupations. Being data-driven that we are, we set to do a quick analysis to find the riskiest occupation. We defined riskiness as the chance of a fatal injury on the job per year per worker. The results could not be more startling -- the US President’s job is the riskiest by an order of magnitude!

In the 224 years since US has had presidents, four sitting presidents have been assassinated: Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy. That says:

-   there is a 1.78% chance of assassination in a year or 1,786 per year if there were 100,000 Presidents. 
-   there is a 54% chance of fatality over a typical 30 years career.

Note that we have not included the four sitting presidents who died of (likely) natural causes.

Some caveats to consider – data for US Presidency is over time, whereas data for other occupations is cross-sectional. Further, we have only a few data points for US presidents. Nevertheless, given the stark differences in the above chart, one cannot deny the high level finding.

Statistics aside, recent news has made us more cognizant of the risks President’s job entails. Here is to a peaceful and safe presidency for President Obama. Be safe Mr. President.


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